Eminent domain disputes encompass complex issues which are expensive and time consuming to address through traditional litigation. Mediation can provide a more efficient and cost-effective resolution of these disputes.

Stanley Leasure

I am a mediator practicing exclusively for eminent domain disputes nationwide. I have extensive experience in both eminent domain and alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Over the course of my 25 year legal career, I represented parties in more than 200 eminent domain cases and served as a mediator in many civil cases.

I received my initial mediation training in 1995. Subsequently, in conjunction with my law practice, I provided mediation services to parties and their attorneys involved in civil disputes on many occasions. I joined the full time faculty of Missouri State University in 2005 where I am currently an Associate Professor and teach negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.

Subject matter expertise counts in condemnation disputes. My training and experience in eminent domain and ADR combine to give you and your clients an opportunity to resolve your case on reasonable terms, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional litigation.

I am available for mediations anywhere in the United States. For a detailed description of what I do and how I charge, go to the Services and Fees page from the navigation bar at the top of this page. Please contact me to discuss how I can be of assistance. Thanks.

Stanley A. Leasure, dba
Eminent Domain ADR
Blog: blog.edom-adr.com

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